...or new age in book stores instead of on academic shelves next to those in Mental Health fields. By this time, the next ley lines for my footsteps were beginning to form smack in front of me.  I knew I had to investigate how we , as a race, manage to dupe ourselves, hypnotize ourselves and one another every moment of every day we live. Not only that, but no directors I met with at any university I was interested in, would even give me a shred of credit for my life experience up till I showed in their office. ...not even in a self directed degree program. I was informed that my years of energy work and applied Kinesiology were not credible, nor were the many years of experiences under sage mentor and occult sciences or even conventional medical training. The most they would do was consider saving off a year of anatomy depending. Disgruntled and career homeless once again, it was a career counselor that suggested I get serious about looking into becoming a hypnotherapist. You wont be covered by OHIP, nor will your clients be reimbursed and its not listed on the government Second Careers Program.  With all that good news, including someone informing me that the mental health fields usually take that training themselves and don't hire un licensed staff , I felt defeated and angry. For a few years I took silly jobs and stared at all my medical books in my library from behind my computer screen. Then one day, something happened to me that many people might say was an insignificant event because it just sounds pretty boring...but for me, it was a pivotal event, a life changing event...in fact it harmed me deeply. By chance I found myself on the table of a reiki practitioner who was an old friend Id not seen for many years. She'd been taking reiki for some time and wanted to offer me a 'session'. Im pretty choosey about who I allow into my energy field to work on me but she was really talented and I thought '"what the hec, everyone can use a tune up and it really was a great gift in its own rite. I was not prepared for what came. After some very accurate words about my energy and physical body tumbled out of her mouth...she stopped , let out an exclamation of  OOOOUUU. and froze near me. SHe stood very still before telling me " OMG, there are all these people ...and they are walking, walking , walking,  and its like they are on an elevator and you are a floor above them going the opposite direction. you cant see them...but there are SO many ...and they all needed help but you didn't put yourself out there to be accessible and now they are all going  the wrong way. "

Call me crazy, but some chord of truth struck me like lightening. I was , devastated.  The thought that there may be others in this lifetime, suffering still because Id not acted when I could have, was more than I could bear. It hit me hard. Harder than anything and sadly it felt true for me. Id waited so long and mucked around for so long, jaded and frustrated ,  I didn't anchor myself into any worldly profession which allowed others access to me. I took a really good long look at myself in the mirror. Who am I ? Why was I reluctant to put myself out there and tell the truth. I was targeted by some very dark conjurers which splintered my life for years, affected my psyche in ways no one can understand unless they've been there and people will think I'm insane for telling this story. Well, that was the hindering complex speaking. And we know where hindering complexes lead us. 

The bigger truth is that  6 hours of typing this story and it feels pretty okay.  Its okay because I dont NEED anyone to read it. If they do, most likely it will be a fluke or because they need to know they can pick up the phone and call because they have some crazy event taking place in their experience and require non judgemental support from someone NOT vested in any system with checks and balances around their psychic / metaphysical experiences. Nobody reads an article this long on the internet. It's 2017.

  The moral of the story is, I went back to my roots, got myself trained in Hypnotherapy modalities and am currently taking Clinical Hypnotherapy. This will allow me to not only tie in all of my life experience, but ...work with people who truly want to reframe goals, behaviours, complexes, emotions, addictions or open portals to creativity, to their psychic selves, and much more.....

There had to be a reason when most people were getting up at 5:30 a.m. to prepare for their corporate work day, I was lying in bed documenting visions from other dimensions that brought ancient teachings and inherited knowledge to my page.  Thats the walk set before me and I chose to answer the call ...and frankly I can't imagine being anyone else or doing it any differently. 

It is obvious to me, its now my time to share with the world. My studies in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy only confirm that which I already knew...that the psyche and mind, are beyond powerful mechanisms for manifestation and we as humans , direly underestimate them.


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