Hi, I'm Sue


 If you are a deliberate creator like me, you set your intention barometer toward exactly what you want to draw into your life ... and believe with conviction, the perfect services, people, events and experiences will show up on time.  And when one of those golden nuggets presents itself on your path, you're confident there is no reason to search any further. Here are 8 golden nuggets:

I don't just work with people...

I work with the consciousness of people 

I don't just see from in front of my eyes, I see from behind as well

I am a compelling professional hypnotherapist, metaphysical coach and program developer

 While you were grabbing a latte on the way to work, I was sitting in ceremony among sacred elders imparting oral traditions within metaphysics and mindfulness 

 No one loves being in the consciousness of magic, alchemy and mindfulness practices more than I do 

 I do not train nor educate solely by imparting knowledge...I educate others in the ability to tap into revealed knowledge as well

I inspire others in uncovering their hidden treasures of potential, creativity and ideas lying dormant within themselves

As individuals open themselves up to the process of hypnosis or mindful self awareness I support them where logic may no longer be a part of their experience

Edison Bulb

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