I don't just work with people...

I work with the consciousness of people 

 While you were grabbing a latte on the way to your office, I was sitting in ceremony among cultural elders and shaman, listening to their oral traditions within metaphysics, healing and wisdom practices 

I don't just see from in front of my eyes, I see from behind them as well

Expertly Facilitated Services

I understand as the consummate professional or business that you are, you'll need to know what my services can deliver for your clients, team or employees and what kind of effective outcomes you can expect and enjoy. I also understand you may be presenting these program ideas to other peers, colleagues or management and you may require a deeper dive of the information to be covered, especially if funding is allocated toward a program. I've got your back, absolutely... contact me with your inquiries  ! 

I am in the helping professions. As a magician-ess of metamorphosis; I love helping others empower themselves through wisdom practices like Hypnotherapy and other self - discovery paths

 I do not train nor educate solely by imparting knowledge...I lead people in their ability to tap into their personal inner "revealed" knowledge

As individuals open themselves up to their expanded intuition &  self~awareness, I support them when logic may no longer be a part of that experience

I am a compelling professional who is a clinical hypnotherapist, blogger, metaphysical coach and self empowerment program developer

I aid and inspire others in actualiziing their self discovery of untapped potential, creativity and self- empowerment 

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Location and Facilities: Contact SUE at hipnotherepe@Gmail.Com or

(905) 537-7703  Sue is available to meet in Hamilton, Dundas, Milton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, St. Catherines, Grimsby, Stoney Creek, Campbellville, Niagara On-The-Lake, Brantford, London  and some Toronto areas.  Sue also travels to the east coast, U.S. and takes all location requests into kind consideration along with 2021 popular media platforms such as Zoom, FaceTime and others.


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