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If you wish to read a more resume style of my work experience in medical, education, metaphysics and holistic wellness, please click the button here.  Otherwise, through the story below, I've provided a timeline of how I've come to be a hypnotherapist... and the work I'm most passionate about within the scope of Hypnotherapy and Metaphysical coaching.  Thank you for visiting. I hope you find my healing journey a bold read and perhaps inspiring for yourself in some small way the very least, it will give you a good excuse to take a long coffee break. :) Cheers. 

This colourful portrait of me was a gift from Gillian Findlay age 9, while I was apparently over - thinking life too much. (Hence the clouds floating over my head):) Kids are so genuine, so intuitive. We can all take some lessons on authenticity from children and pay attention to what they intuitively see and share.  For what its worth, Gillian eventually  informed me  all my clouds have gone away :) Yay.  xo

Yes, These really are part of my collection :)

Sue Leocha Sadowski
A long story with alot of miles under it...  PART ONE of 3


NOTE: We live in a world that demands credentials and tangible trackable records because most of us have forgotten how to walk with our gut senses and trust our inner seeing when we chose someone to work with us... So for those who may feel better knowing HOW I got to where I am standing today in the Helping professions or are purely interested for curiousity sake, or perhaps can glean something for their own healing journey...  this is for you .


Since very young, I've been immersed in the metaphysical as much as the physical worlds.  Running parallel to that was my love for and natural tendency toward, healing and Spirituality. As a kid I was pretty gifted at healing animals. They would sometimes just land at my feet or appear seemingly out of no where needing some tending to, which always baffled my dad :)  In high school, I volunteered ...and then later took various practical jobs at a city hospital, as well as wellness and rehabilitation centers. I learned much about human spirit from each facility I worked in during my early to late teens. Later in the 70's and early 80's, having been a nurses aid for a few years, I played a small role in the closing down of abusive facilities in New England that offered less than optimum care for their patients, particularly seniors. By first hand experience, I learned about alternative therapies and complementary medicine throughout the 1970's when my own fathers unique ordeal with his health came undone and my family worked (nearly lived with) a research scientist and chemist from Brazil who had landed at Hartford Hospital where I was working.  By the time my dad passed away,  I was just barely 17 and had already become jaded by what Id seen in conventional medical and the health care system in the U.S. and so being a 1/4 chemistry credit short,  I bailed on my dream of obtaining my nursing degree. Looking back it wasn't the wisest decision but I was headstrong and it made sense to me back then.  I had been exposed to a holistic path through my dads health crises as well as his remarkable miracle healing and I was already naturally making clear links between energy fields in people and patterns in their health status. I also had several years of medical adventures under my belt in pursuing help for my own health challenges since childhood.  Id already done sessions with nearly every out of the box alternative healing practitioner on the planet. From Rebirthing to transactional analysis , shamanic counselling to psychics and therapists using dolphin therapy, tuning forks, chi gong, animal imagery, you name it , I'd tried it.  Between these years there came an even more intense chapter in my life when my sister and I rented a cute little house in Connecticut with hopes for some serenity and happiness there. But it was anything but. Not only did we have extreme paranormal activity taking place, it turned out , we nearly died from living there because the well water was severely polluted. So much so, that I could not take a bath in the bath water without my skin being burned.  Somewhere to this day, I still have the 10 page water report from the testing. It took nearly 2 years for us to discover the source of the problem while our health declined, but as luck would have it , the landlord sold the house we were renting. When they went to close on the house, that's when the diabolical problem was discovered. Apparently when someone was supposed to lay down new piping in nearby farm land , someone cheated and there were pollutants leaching from the tobacco fields as well as the well water sources . No one back then had remotely even thought of the drinking water as the culprit and we didn't have Erin Brockovich handy, nor could we afford a lawyer by the time a good friend suggested I try one of the first Applied Kinesiologists to appear in New England, to help me get my health back into balance, I flatly told him "NO"  forget it ! I was done actively seeking healing and spending all my hard earned money on health care.  I'd had enough of crawling into work feeling like death warmed over and having to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket for dead end diagnosis and tests... and that was that. But his mother had been one of the good guys. She had pioneered offshore therapies while seeking healing for her own cancer treatments in an age where off -shore therapy wasn't even really heard of ...and the whole holistic -new age scene was just beginning to explode along the eastern seaboard. With a bit more of my friends prompting and promises to drive me himself to this Kinesiologist, he swore this doctor could heal me where others had failed. I'd already had every tube and test you could imagine done to me by UCONN medical center, lived on powdered foods , blew up like a Zepplin  to nearly 200 pounds and so I was not keen to try anything unfamiliar at that point. However, given how highly my friend spoke of this doctor, I relented... and eventually found myself in the office of a wonderful Applied Kinesiologist named Dr. Ben Siegel. Ben had formerly practiced in New York region and was one of only a handful of docs using a method known as  A.K. (applied kinesiology) ...Needless to say, I was impressed ....In one session , he not only deduced what it had taken UCONN 2 years of medical testing to unfurl, but he did more. Much much more.  In 6 months time as his patient,  I was a new girl.  I was hooked and our work together would last 9 more years before I eventually moved away. Even though Id made huge strides and was healthier than ever before, I was still dealing with some residual issues and a spastic colon that constantly knocked me out of the park. I continued with mindfulness practices, martial arts, kou Sun Du practices but it was an ongoing lifestyle to keep myself afloat. My health wasnt my strongest area of my life and having been exposed to degreasing solvents, chemicals and toxins that were in the polluted well water, it was not something one's body snapped back from over night. As my time line in life progressed,  we can add another antagonist to my story. My boyfriend at that time in my life was a music producer and had just come back from recording in the islands. The night after he'd landed home from one of his trips and we spent time together,I became sicker than Id ever been in my whole life. I was in bed, so severely attacked by what seemed a bizarre flu, that by week 3.. I was bleeding from my ears, had symptoms that were acting abnormal and I was too weak to reach over for a glass of ginger ale.  The doctor's didn't know what to do with me. I was put on one anti- biotic after another. 6 weeks later I was able to get out of bed and somewhat function but for over 21 years, we chased symptoms that never fully left me and to this day have remained a mystery. Because of the coincidence in timing, Id met with tropical disease specialists ... Yet no one else on that trip had become ill and no one around them. I seemed to be the only person that was affected by my boyfriends stay in the tropics,  so the question remains to this day whether the trip even had anything to do with my experience. Regardless , Given all these compounded health issues, I was still seeing Dr. Siegel , A.K. at that time and one day, out of the blue during my session,  he pulled a book from his file draw and pointed to a doctors name. He suggested to me that I should make a trip from Connecticut to Ontario Canada to work with this other seasoned  A.K  Diplomate (doctor) because I was needing more specialized care than he could provide me in some regards.  He pointed out this Canadian doctor was highly respected and strongly encouraged me to go see him. But at that point in time, between working 3 part time jobs to keep things afloat, no medical insurance and paying for my constant health care... I was too burned out and in overwhelm to make that trip and I continued to struggle with what seemed like very challenging karma in my health sector of life. Yet , slowly, in the same breath,  I was also making great strides. So much so that I became a fitness instructor for Gloria Stevens of the first fitness franchises ever on the east coast...and I worked hard to get my body into rockin condition. Working with tons of females and their health issues and goals at this fitness center, was some great experience. I was still in my 20's at that time. I realized that many many people suffer from lots of health related issues but they hide it well or never speak about them because they are being brave.


...Once again, people's lives and energetic patterns were before my eyes. 

Now, it will be easiest if we fast forward  this story to over 12 years later,  when I unexpectedly found myself moving to Canada as a new bride.  Ontario to be precise. My husband already had a home and was settled into a job so it only made good sense that I leave Connecticut and move over the border.   I was still dealing with some residual health issues from my earlier life and when scouting my new home region for practitioners, guess who I ended up eventually coming across ?  Yes, it was the very same A.K. doctor who had come so highly recommended many years earlier by mine in Connecticut. It turned out the Ontario docs practice was connected to Chedoke Hospital in Hamilton, ON. and we hit it off wonderfully.  A mere few months later I found myself working for him. There I was with one of the most skilled Applied Kinesiologists in North America yet again and I spent the next few years learning even more about intangible energy fields , muscle testing, anatomy and patient care. Id already been a patient of Dr. Seigels for 9 years in Connecticut and here I ended up working with Dr. Crews in Ontario for 7 years. A stunning combo of over 16 years exposure to energy medicine and cutting edge kinesiology both as patient and client. Dr. Crews was one of those closet pioneers using methods of energy healing that no one talked about. All his patients knew, was that he was a magician... and more importantly , he was effective. They called him the wizard doctor. Working in his office, I would receive calls from doctor after doctor , wanting a moment to speak with Dr. Crews because some patient of theirs, with an "incurable" medical situation had recovered or gone into remission after Dr. Crew's treated them. THey'd ask me what he did, how he did it and how was it possible a Chiropractor could have known what an MD did not. Over time, I saw the truth...that he didn't even need the protocols he used with patients to deduce their health conditions. He was so psychic-spiritually tuned in, he knew already what the streams of energy in  his patients body - mind - and spirit were doing and often times where they were heading ...but for the sake of the patients who needed to see something tangible in their diagnostic procedures , he applied his tangible methods of Kinesiology and conventional medical. In Dr. Crew's office, I also flourished in other meaningful ways. I learned what it took to be a polished professional among those who had dedicated their lives to their medical practices. As a doctors assistant and sometimes his right arm, I was lucky enough to be in attendance at many meetings and hear what these professionals were going through with their practices, their patients and even their family life at times. The dedication it took was staggering. Thinking Id eventually expand into Kinesiology myself , I began taking all sorts of additional courses, seminars and certifications during that time, some through licensed medical professionals, others through the similar practices written and spun off for lay practitioners. Additionally I was trained by some of the Key supplement companies in the field and as Dr. Crew's assistant, I eventually received waivers to attend various courses written for doctors, including my Applied Kinesiology courses lead by Dr. Hands Boenkhe in Markham, Ontario. A fine human being , teacher , mentor and even more amazing doctor...he was also AN ICAK DIPLOMATE. The time came when I branched out and as assistant to Dr. Crews, held a small office space within his facility. The goal being that Id take some of the patient load off of him, but his time was limited in training me in the more eclectic areas he'd mastered and I eventually wound up screening and writing patient protocols with a lesser focus on muscle testing. STill and all, I was learning much inherited knowledge from Dr. Crews and with his permission, after hours at his office, he allowed me to study his personal library and 37 years of notes in them.  Over lapping all this, In a bit more unconventional manner, I was also moving around quite steadily with some shamanic individuals from South America as well as one in particular with roots steeped in Celtic lineage & traditions. I spent over 17 years in locomotion with one of these particular shaman and also found myself  privileged once again, to spend some quality time among our first and sixth nations peoples in Ontario learning more about energy healing,   sweat lodges, aboriginal traditions and shamanic ways as it applied to healing of the spirit.  I then thought I might teach and contacted several esoteric or shamanic schools, but many of the educators and founders in North America insisted I begin from the ground up in their own curriculum and I refused to spend thousands of dollars and vest more years of time , learning foundations I already knew..  just to fit into someone else's 'system.  It occurred to me to open up my own school but I found myself floating in focus and feeling a bit lost as to where to aim my noble career or just how to take my acquired knowledge out into the world given I held no formal degree. 


 Obviously the story must continue and there are some pictures I wish to share, as I moved myself  through different stages of health crises , auto-immune challenges and how I brought myself back... but website management takes time and so does my hypnotherapy practice, so I must ask you to be patient for me to finish posting this...I'll have it completed soon. Till then - Thank you, and if you have any questions I might help you with, please feel free to contact me. Sue