What if with Hypnosis, you embarked upon an exciting journey to your "Inner Quiet" ? And what if this journey made a significant difference to the quality of your life, your self~reliance, self~esteem and self~empowerment, by effectively bringing about changes you need or desire ?




 What Hypnosis is ...   

Simply stated : Hypnosis helps people become more 'conscious'  in connection to their higher awareness, truest essence, potential and self empowerment. You have to be able to see solutions to your own problems and evolution.

The most commonly asked question is :

What are differences between hypnosis and meditation? Here are just a few :

Subconscious thought was developed before spoken language and hypnosis allows for direct subconscious communication. 

Suggestion enters the subconcious differently

Suggestion takes root in the subconscious differently

 Hypnosis directly bypasses the chattering mind

Hypnosis creates a different mental atmosphere and entry into the energy field, than ones own meditative practices may allow for

Hypnosis as a one to one service : 

Even though we humans move through various states of hypnotic trance throughout our daily routines, Hypnotherapy itself , when executed masterfully, offers ways of letting go of hidden complexes that we humans struggle with and allows a person to obtain beneficial and elevated understandings around their personal life journey.  Hypnosis provides a forum for change but in a gentle yet effective way that puts the person in contact with their truest essence, feelings and deepest truths. No person is an island unto his or her self and we can all use a little touchstone at various times in our life.  Hypnosis as a therapy, honours the ability of each person to come to their own place of knowing and actualizing their desired reality and noble goals. 

Trust & confidentiality within the client - hypnotherapist partnership is key for the success of hypnosis.  After all, a client is many times sharing their intimate story and feelings of the heart, deepest goals , dreams and being honest about where their personal life is at. This takes guts, boldness and authenticity but an effective hypnosis session and successful client outcome is the reward.  Hypnosis also allows for reframing self talk and inner dialogue which may be subconsciously generating negative or less than desirable outcomes and ultimately frees people from energetic loops and behaviours that do not serve them well .

 Our subconscious will only help us create that which we are ready and willing to receive.  It is also easier to create a new pattern or habit than it is to reframe an old entrenched one.  Hypnosis is future forward, yet, it does not cheat your awareness either.  Hypnosis is a very old , very ancient body of work. Magnetism, manifesting, mind and matter, particularly the high, middle and low selves which we all hold within and the intercommunication of such selves , has always been part of the "human consciousness" evolution.   

Hypnosis as a professional complimentary service:

Hypnosis can be used in a complementary manner much like ordering your favorite al la carte dish with the main meal, Hypnosis compliments certain professions perfectly. Examples could be in the areas of mental health and healing, medical or holistic, or police using forensic hypnosis.  In other ways it stands alone as a healthy and cost effective alternative to some traditional therapies for less time and cost. For example, if someone was working with a psychologist to transform their deep anxiety, hypnosis sessions could complement this or support the process. A dentist might provide an on site hypnotherapist as an add on service for his/her patients to help them relax before treatment or quit smoking for healthier gums. 

What Hypnosis is NOT...

There are so many misnomers and so much crazy thinking by much of the public regarding Hypnosis that it's one of the most difficult and challenging aspects for a professional in the field to overcome. Entertainment, TV, media, stage hype and misinformation all have led to Hypnosis being given some wild,  rogue and misconstrued reputations. Hypnotherapy sessions provide ample time to address any questions a client may have, but in short, Hypnosis is SAFE, CONFIDENTIAL and EFFECTIVE.  There is no chance you will get 'stuck ' in any hypnotic state, nor act out or say anything that is secret or hidden or private against your will . You are in control at all times, on all levels. As a hypnotherapist , my role is to be a guide on the side for my clients. I invite you to please book your free consult to explore more fully. 


Everything we think, say, or do, emanates from the mind, which is what Hypnosis deals with.


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