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I had the pleasure of attending Sue Leocha Sadowski's presentation at the Canadian Hypnosis Conference in October of 2017 and it was enlightening and empowering for me.  I discovered many things about myself as changes were happening in me over the last few months at a rapid rate and I was confused, attending this presentation put many of my questions to rest and put everything into a clear prospective for me.  I left her presentation feeling awesome and in my power fully.  Thanks Sue...it was amazing!



Regards and Many Blessings

Ayse Hogan, Interfaith Spiritual Minister, TWIST Facilitator

  "I am very grateful to Suzanne.  Her hypnotherapy skills are excellent.  Suzanne is helping me to more successfully navigate my bereavement journey."


Mr. Howard Bowen 



"A HUGE THANK YOU!!!!! GREAT workshop, I think they went really well, I heard great feedback about your classes from the attendees, I know I found them fascinating! I enjoyed all our emails and talks on the phone throughout the whole planning process. You did a wonderful job with everything and I really hope our paths cross again in the future!"


Lauren Johnson

Director of Informal Programming

Harry Potter Prophecy, Toronto

"You're kidding me ! Really, You're kidding me ! I said that after I came up from my session ? Wow, that's wild ! This Hypnosis stuff is more interesting than I thought !

Kim S.

Burlington, ON



" I honestly feel like the energies around me shift every time I have a session with you. I have been dismissing it as psychosomatic before, but now,  after our last visit together all of a sudden there are a bunch of changes unfolding and I am on cloud nine with all the faith in the world! Coincidence? I think not . I do know truly your purest energy circles around me when I come there,  and I find I tap into the side of my most authentic self.

 I know in my heart that you genuinely wish happiness for me and you help me see things more objectively. I have always been able to sense how people feel towards me and I just wanted to say that your respect is a blessing and truly affects my life in a positive way :) So, thank you..."


Mia F.

Burlington, On. 



Sue Sadowski had been asked to provide a course to celebrate the summer solstice and not having done this sort of programming at RBG (Royal Botanical Gardens Tourism) before I was a little uncertain how it would be received by members and general public.


The response was over whelming. Everyone who attended was so pleased with the uniqueness of the program but of the instructor as well. Sue put everyone at ease, demonstrated specific dance moves in an easy fun way and allowed the participants to be themselves and experience the dance to their own abilities. The whole evening was full of laughter and the skeptics in the group were begging for more. After our second year with the summer solstice, we invited Sue to teach an 8 week course which again had an excellent response. Sue was a truly profession teacher. She presented the classes in a format that was fun and easy to follow. Her approach was to listen to the audience and know what they wanted and delivered her programs accordingly. She was always patient when RBG had technical difficulties and kept the programs fun. The interest and appreciation was obvious when participants would sign up again and again for the programs. We had a gentleman in the group who was made to feel comfortable and thoroughly enjoyed himself.


My job at the RBG is to organize the educational programs, so I’m working with the instructors/teachers and Suzanne is competent, conscientious, professional and a delight to work with."


Nancy Lee-Colibaba,

Hort. Therapy Coordinator


Program Coordinator

Royal Botanical Gardens

680 Plains Road West

Burlington, ON L7T 4H4


"I’ve been in Cognitive Therapy; years ago. For me it was useless and also such treatments can be manipulated by the patient.   Hypnosis on the other hand gets to the root of the problem and it cannot be manipulated.   The person conducting the Hypnosis session will bypass the ‘chatter’ and be able to still the brains turmoil.  


To me Hypnosis is a safe, effective way of dealing with so many issues and without medication. 


At this point in time hypnosis is not main line yet, Doctors, even psychiatrists will not usually go that route nor suggest that method of treatment because it works... and works well.  Great for the patient but not so great for doctors who prefer the medication route,and prefer to send people to get Cognitive Therapies.   I’ve come to seriously think that the medical world would rather people suffer - take pills, counselling, long term cognitive therapy etc. 


In ALL the years I’ve dealt with my stuff, struggled etc,  not one Doctor has suggested Hypnosis Therapy.   Having had access to you Suzanne and experienced first hand hypnosis I am now wondering why Doctors choose to not recommend hypnosis????  It seems it's only those people who make the effort to want to feel well, to seek, find,understand alternatives that will discover and go to hypnosis. 


When I’ve mentioned hypnosis to people, most still have to get past the misconceptions of “tv and entertainment hypnotists”.


I think that hypnosis will be THE treatment, but it does have to overcome a few biases by narrow minded, tunnel visioned people and unfortunately that does encompass a large portion of the population of which would rather pop pills. "

Lee Dalgarno - Burlington , ON

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