Hypnotherapy and Metaphysical Clarity Coaching


 Metaphysical Clarity Coachtm

My goal and role as a metaphysical coach is 3-fold: 

1.) On a "one to one" personal basis, I help clients to understand where they are energetically standing in relationship to their expanding intuitive, psychic and spiritually developing selves. Many times, when a client is growing within such areas, they are energetically expanding past themselves and are having metaphysical or psychic experiences where logic no longer plays a role.  I meet clients where they are at and provide safe and non-judgmental support from the ground up. 

2.) Metaphysical Clarity Coaching for T.V.,  film ,  media and related sectors of life, where an understanding  of Metaphysics , Psychic , Esoteric subject matter is necessary for the greater artistic work. I  concepts as well as consult and Impart inherited and oral tradition knowledge which comes from my lifetime in the field. 

3.) Thirdly, my role as Metaphysical Clarity Coach helps those who are professionals who work in the service of other people, such as those in the mental health fields, medical, social work or even corporate / business groups. An example would be consulting with a Psychologist who has a client so deeply and profoundly psychic, the psychologist may find his or herself unable to relate to their clients wiring, vocabulary or other - worldly dimensions, involved in the client's experience. In this instance I would act as liaison between client and professional.


I work in the helping professions as a Certified Hypnotherapist by the NGH Association, U.S. and as a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, (RCH by ARCH CANADA). Presently I am based in Ontario Canada. My role as a professional is to be a guide on the side through a client's journey of their transformational states toward their truest potential, desired life goals, personal growth and healthy functioning self. In order to actualize these things a person sometimes requires objective 
non-judgemental support, as no one is solely an island unto his or her self.  While clinical hypnotherapy is my scope of practice, I have a long history immersed in metaphysical
 sciences and I am very passionate about helping people tap into their natural intuition and psychic intelligence.

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