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The 'metaphysical' movement along with the "Mindfulness Culture" in 2021, has never been more alive and flourishing.

It's also evident we are acting, thinking and functioning more mindfully since covid began. We have taken raw time to really look within at what is important and meaningful to us both personally as well as a collective whole.

We're being ushered toward living and operating inside new realities, including how we earn a living, how our careers, lifestyles and jobs are being re-defined as well as how we work with one another. 

A business associate recently commented, "Our connection to our inner self has taken a new turn. It isn't enough to question the mysteries of our existence, our dream state or our intuitive voice. Now we must ask " IS THIS TRUE" to everything we see and read."

Poignant words indeed. We're certainly being called upon to see from behind our eyes, not just in front. To intuit our next steps, not just cognitively plan them. And we seem to be echoing the question of what's real,  and what's not, in every sector of our lives. We're finally moving beyond our 5 senses.

Diverse and powerful spiritually orientated programs like these, help individuals engage with their human potential in fresh, new, exciting ways.  They offer unyielding support and perspective in transcending inner and outer challenges and motivate individuals in rising to their true potential whether for themselves or within their work environment.

Integrative tiered programs also need to be in place for people already utilizing their strongest intuitive potential where logic may no longer be a part of their experience.  They are operating from advanced altered states of mind and that is special inner wiring.

Engaging in programs such as these will help people understand that others share the same human commonalities as they do. No man or woman is an island unto themselves.  Whether working from home, lap-topping in the woods, city bustle or silicon valley, at the end of the day, we are all human. We need some place to unwind and share, someone to hear us,  people to connect with and simple human touch. 


Keyboard and Mouse

As the consummate professional, you'll need to know what these services can deliver for you, your clients, team or employees and the effective outcomes you can expect and rely upon. As well, I understand you may be presenting these programs to other peers, colleagues or management and  may require a deeper dive of the information to be covered, especially if funding is allocated toward a program. I've got your back, absolutely...

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Go Team

Metaphysical Hypnotherapy

Suitable for Professionals, Individuals or Groups

Let the magic of hypnosis enhance self- awareness, reveal inner directives, increase self empowerment , activate creative expression and more. Let your mind wander beyond everything you think you know.  Effective, current, yet ancient and timeless. Contact with ones 'inner quiet" is the first golden key.  


Lights in the Dark

Metaphysical Clarity Coaching

Suitable for Professionals, Individuals or Groups

Highly intuitive, psychic and spiritually seeking individuals navigate in a different ballpark than many others. Their innate wiring and perceptive inner orientation requires special support, skills and applied wisdom to aid them in understanding how their minds are operating. This is especially true with regard to gaining insight and clarity for those who see from behind their eyes or have more complex psyches, as well as those in various professions who work with or alongside them.

Improving company culture with a "healthy Metaphysique"

Workshops and add on services suitable for Select Professions or Business

  • Corporate / Business

  • Medical Professionals

  • Spas / Holistic Ctrs

  • The Arts

  • Other

Office Meeting

Writing and developing advanced Mindfulness programs

Suitable for select Professionals, Business, City Programs or Academic Venues

You're a busy professional and you need to be on trend with the programs you extend within your business and professional networks. This means you want influential, one - of - a- kind programs which set the bar high. 

Digital social media